Potatoes & Packaging

Our potatoes are variety specific for crisping and snackfood purposes. Depending on requests from the customer, we only send a specific size range of potato to suit their manufacturing plant. At our facility we will bring the temperatures of the potatoes down ready for entry into a refrigerated container and best prepare them for long travel time across the seas. We are able to load into both 20' and 40' containers in the three following methods:



Bulk loading

Bulk loading saves on the extra cost for the bins and bags however would require a tipping facility to pour the potatoes out on the receiving end


bulk bags

Bulk bags weighing in at approximately 1,100kg  come on a pellet for ease of loading and unloading 


export bins

Export bins hold around 950kg and are stacked 2 wide and 2 high in the containers. These are easy for forklift load and unload